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  2. Welcome to the official website of Puyang Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd!

    Puyang Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd

    Focus on refining additives and oil additivesOne stop new environmental protection high tech enterprise

    Service hotline:0393-4206625

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    Crude oil demulsifier JHP series

    ● Suitable for electric desalting system of oil refining atmospheric and vacuum unit
    ● According to the processing of various crude oil conditions, targeted selection and recommendation of different types of demulsifier
    ● In order to meet the demulsification, dehydration and desalination requirements of the electric desalination system
    ● Also used for oil field oil dehydration.

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    Efficient desulfurizer US-1

    ● High H2S absorption selectivity
    ● To ensure that the H2S in the refined gas is lower than the target requirements
    ● Greatly reduce the amount of solution circulation, reduce energy consumption

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    Metal passivator JH-16

    ● Can effectively reduce the catalyst pollution in the process of catalytic cracking
    ● Inhibits dehydrogenation and reduces coke generation
    ● Increase the yield of light oils such as gasoline

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    Slurry scale inhibitor JH-7

    ● It can effectively inhibit the scaling generation of oil slurry system and corrosion of metal
    ● Good film formation
    ● High corrosion inhibition rate

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    Low silicon defoaming agent JH-17

    ● Made up of a variety of active components
    ● It is specially designed to eliminate the foam produced in the delayed coking process raw materials during the petroleum cracking process

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    Coking coke increase agent JH - 25

    ● Can increase the yield of liquid 1-3%
    ● Volatile content decreased significantly with the increase of coke quality
    ● Prolong operation cycle of furnace tube

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    about us Puyang Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd

    Puyang Jiahua Chemical Co, Ltd is located in Puyang city- Where Zhongyuan Oil-Field is located. Our company was founded in 1997( Named Puyang Jiahua Chemical Factoryformerly), is one of the largest manufacturers of Oil refining auxiliaries, Oil-fieldauxiliaries, Oil additives and other chemicals.……
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    On July 26, the 3rd Integrity Forum of Puyang was held in Puyang Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd., which was jointly organized by Puyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Puyang Consumers Association, Puyang...


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